Welcome to Graphic Boost Artworks.
Author illustrations and lettering for music, books, posters and merchandising.

Welcome to the rebel side of Graphic Boost. Feel free to join me if you like dark arts, colorful insubordinate graphics and crazy lettering. Enjoy!


Author artworks for music, books, posters and merchandising. If you are interested in my style of illustration and have a proposal please feel free to contact me. Work process includes a sketch for approval of composition, inking painting and final work delivery.

CD Covers

Cd covers for bands and full album artwork. Work process includes a first rough concept for approval of illustration, composition and type, followed by the final work delivery.


Custom lettering for multiple applications, including logos, posters and tshirts. Final work delivery in vector, raster or original piece according to projects specifications.

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If you want to see further work samples than the ones presented below, please feel free to visit my page on Behance.



  • "Dina is a high skilled and enthusiastic graphic designer and illustrator!"

    Ana Quirino | Graphic Designer & Illustrator
  • "A very skilled and creative illustrator."

    João Sousa | Graphic Designer & Illustrator