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Label & Packaging Design

Web/ UI Design & Development

Are you curious about the faces behind the scenes? Meet the team. We are friendly!

DINA BARBOSAFounder | Graphic Designer & Illustrator

I’m a left-handed graphic designer and illustrator located in Portugal. In 2007 I graduated in Graphic Design at Oporto Fine Arts College, followed by a technical course in Multimedia Production in 2008. I’ve been working remotely from my home based office since 2009, building my freelance business mostly upon long-term work relationships. In 2015 I created Tundra Illustration – my comics and underground inspired artwork business.I spend my free time doodling, working out and making frustrated attempts at playing classic guitar.

CARLOS PAIVAConsultant | Full Stack Web Developer

Hello! I’m a full stack web developer with expertise in Joomla, WordPress, and Storenvy. I studied Computer Science at Oporto’s University Science College and got my degree in 2010. I started freelancing in 2012, when I founded my business, named Coding Booth. I met Dina back in 2011 due to a common client and we have been collaborating ever since! As a developer, I’m always searching for new and exciting projects that allow me to reach my limits and evolve. When not at work you can find me training Boccia and enjoying video games!

ANA BRAGAProject & Media Manager | Junior Graphic Designer

Hey there! I’m a self-taught graphic designer with experience in project management, vectorial work, video editing, and social media management. Altough my background was originally related to Patrimony Management, I landed by accident in graphic design in 2016 and fell in love with it. I keep the studios’ projects on track, I plunge in paperwork frequently and get many things done in Illustrator. When not at work you can find me jogging by the beach or swimming. I’m an avid consumer of books and European movies.